What We Do

Many people think of helping the Persecuted Church as if the Persecuted Church was on its’ last breath and hardly surviving. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rather the Persecuted Church is alive, vibrant, growing and triumphant and yes, suffering under severe pressure and persecution. So, when we help them we do so in these ways.

1.) We help them get adequate training for their leadership. We want to ensure that they are well trained and not falling into false doctrine. The church in many places is growing very fast.

2.) We provide funds to help start new church plants. After excellent training these new leaders are now eager to be sent out as ‘missionaries’ to their own people. We help them financially for a period of twenty-four months. Usually by then, the new church can support their pastor.

3.) We also help supply Bibles to the new converts and Study Bibles to Pastors. Other study materials, bikes, motor bikes, and housing are sometime provided as the Lord allows.

4.) In the midst of their battles and victories is a lot of suffering and so we provide humanitarian aid such as medical supplies, clothing, shoes, food, shelter and financial help.

ICR at a Glance

  • 45 plus years of service, began in Europe
  • Operating 12 years in Canada
  • A registered charity in Canada and the USA
  • Inspired by Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand
  • Serving in 38 countries were there’s no religious freedom
  • Sponsoring over 1,700 church planters
  • Working with over 10,000 new churches
  • More than 100,000 new converts to Christ each year
  • Over 300 + new converts per day
  • Operating many Bible Schools
  • Sending 1,000 Pastors to Bible School
  • Operating children’s orphanages
  • Operating hundreds of children’s Bible Clubs
  • Supplying emergency aid to needy Persecuted Believers
  • Feeding and clothing needy Christians
  • Supplying legal assistance were needed
  • Providing Bibles and Christian literature
  • Translating the Scriptures in many tribal languages
  • Christian TV to several Arab countries reaching 100 million people
  • Over 1 million website hits a month in response to the TV broadcasts
  • Public education programs
  • Providing medical and emergency services to the needy
  • Reconstruction of destroyed churches and house churches

a lot of suffering and so we provide humanitarian aid such as medical supplies, clothing, shoes, food, shelter and financial help.Here is your opportunity to invest in these Eternal Projects . . .   Mel Wiebe – 604-836-4546


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