cuba flagCuba is an Island Country 90 miles off of Florida, USA with a population of 11 million people. In 1959 The Castro Brothers lead a revolution with a rebel army and they over threw the government of the day and thus brought in a communist style government.
For over 55 years they have ruled with very strict laws and virtually no freedoms. The former Soviet Union assisted Cuba in becoming a communist country, however when the Soviet Union disintegrated, Cuba lost those huge subsidies and their major trading partner. That has left the Cubans with severe shortages in every area and so the people are all subject to ‘rations’ and many of the basic necessities are not available. So enter the ‘black market’.
Strict controls have been in place so that religious activities were not allowed or they were disrupted. Church buildings are still not permitted. However, in 1990 the pressure from the Cuban government lessened and in 1992 Cuba declared itself as secular and discrimination was illegal. In 1999 there was a very large Protestant Christian rally were tens of thousands of Believers gathered together in an historic open air meeting that was televised and attended by Fidel Castro.
That being said, the restrictions and road blocks that the government puts in place are very obvious and much of the Gospel work done is ‘underground’. Even so, the church in Cuba is now somewhere between 15 to 20 percent of the population and it continues to grow daily. Alian Hdez, leader of the Cuban Biblical Commission says, that the evangelical church in Cuba continues to grow at a rate of 15% per year.
International Christian Response has helped the Cuban Church for 15 years and we will, you’re your help continue our efforts in 2016. This year our aim is to provide . . .
Missionary Support
700 missionaries at $300 per year, which is Cubans starting new home churches in unchurched areas.
Housing and Church Accommodations
We also want to provide funds for purchasing 250 homes, so they have a place to worship and live. The average home price is $1,800 each.
Many Cuban Believers do not have Bibles. We can get them in Cuba for $8.00 each (Study Bible)
$120 will provide 15 Bibles for folks who still do not have their own personal copy. The need is so tremendous and we plan to provide as many Bibles as possible. No limit!

During May 25 to June 5, 2016, our Cuban Partner Dr. Vila and his wife Rebecca, will visit the lower mainland on British Columbia. Be sure to come out to meet them . . . Details to follows check our website

If The Lord speaks to you about any of these opportunities here are some . . .
Ways to give!
In person, cash or cheque or credit card, at one of our Thrift Shops.
By mail, cheque or credit card (include name, address, email, telephone, card #. Expiry and sec. code)
On Line, (1 time or reoccurring)
By smart phone, TEXT “Give” to (819) 801-0327