Christians in Coastal Kenya Fearful after Slaughter of 13 Non-Muslims Area Muslims collude with Al Shabaab militants

July 12th, 2017|

NAIROBI, Kenya, July 12, 2017 (Morning Star News)
Al Shabaab militia over the weekend killed 13 non-Muslims, mostly Christians, in coastal Kenya, sources said.

Village Muslims in the Pandanguo settlement of Lamu County helped Islamic extremists from the Somalia-based Al Shabaab identify locations where the Christians resided, a survivor of the attack told Morning Star News from […]


Hindu Extremist Attack in Odisha State, India Ends in ‘Agreement’ Stopping Worship Services Injured Christians forced to sign agreeement

June 30th, 2017|

HYDERABAD, India, June 30, 2017
After an attack in eastern India in which a Christian was seriously injured, police and Hindus this month created an “agreement” – without participation of church members – effectively halting worship services, sources said.

Church members were bullied into signing the agreement, they said. As a result, in the tribal village of […]


Christians Taking Children to Camp in India Charged with Kidnapping, Forced Conversion One minor held for 25 days, another still in custody along with five adult volunteers

June 27th, 2017|

HYDERABAD, India, June 23.17 (Morning Star News)
Six Christians taking children to a Vacation Bible School camp in Madhya Pradesh state, India, remain in custody after police detained them last month on charges of kidnapping and forcible conversion, sources said.

Also detained was a 15-year-old boy who was held in a juvenile detention center for nearly a […]


Pastor Jailed in Burma falls ill. 65-year-old Baptist leader on trial for ‘spying.’

June 20th, 2017|

YANGON, Burma, June 20, 2017 (Morning Star News)
One of two assistant pastors arrested by the Burma army last Christmas Eve is suffering deteriorating health from malnutrition, sources said.

Pastor Dom Dawng Nawng Latt, 65, has become weak, lacks energy and suffers from asthma and diarrhea, according to his wife and a lawyer for Nawng Latt and […]


Christian Families in India Forced into Hindu Ritual, Denied Water

June 16th, 2017|

HYDERABAD, India, June 16, 2017
(Morning Star News)
Villagers in Uttar Pradesh state, India beat Christians, forced them to participate in Hindu rituals and have refused to provide them water, sources said.

Four families who were attacked in Jalalabad village, Ghazipur District rely on the water to irrigate their fields, they said.

“How will we survive if we don’t […]


Iran update on imprisoned Christians

June 16th, 2017|

Iranian Christians request prayer for Pastor Victor Bet Tamraz, Amin Afshar Naderi and Hadi Asgari. On the morning of Sunday 11th June there was a second hearing in the case against these three Christian men in Tehran.

Pastor Victor and Amin were arrested on 26th December 2014 at a Christmas celebration at Pastor Victor’s home, together […]


Christian Teacher Killed, another Abducted along with Muslim in Northeastern Kenya

June 15th, 2017|

NAIROBI, Kenya, June 14, 2017
(Morning Star News)
Suspected Al Shabaab militants walked into an elementary school compound in northeastern Kenya on May 31 and shot a Christian teacher to death, sources said.

Elly Oloo Ojiema was shot at Fafi Primary School in Fafi, about 100 kilometers (62 miles) from Garissa.

“The suspected Al Shabaab militants entered the school […]


Young Christian Woman Said To Be Kidnapped Outside Cairo, Egypt

June 12th, 2017|

CAIRO, June 12, 2017 (Morning Star News)
A young Coptic woman in a suburb of Cairo, Egypt remains missing after her disappearance last week from an area where Muslim attacks against Christians have surged, sources said.

Suzan Ashraf Rawy, 22, left for work by foot from her home in Al Khosous on the morning of June 5 […]


Christian Sanitation Worker in Pakistan Dies after Hospital Refuses to Treat Him, Family Says Muslim doctors said he was ‘unclean,’ brother says

June 9th, 2017|

LAHORE, Pakistan, June 5, 2016 (Morning Star News)

A Christian sanitation worker in Pakistan died on Thursday (June 1) after Muslim doctors refused to treat him for poisonous gas he was exposed to in a sewer, sources said.

Doctors at Civil Hospital Medical refused to treat 28-year-old Irfan Masih of Umerkot City, Sindh Province, saying they did […]


Christians Shot to Death in Attack on Marawi, Philippines Those refusing to recite Islamic creed are targeted

June 1st, 2017|

MINDANAO, Philippines, June 1, 2017
(Morning Star News)
Among 19 civilians an Islamic extremist group in the Philippines killed after storming a city on May 23 were eight Christians shot for refusing to recite the Muslim creed, government investigators told local press.

They were the first Christians slain in the ongoing battle for Marawi City, capital of Lanao […]