Seeds of Hope, Israel

hope-300x132Strategic Initiatives

Humanitarian Aid: In partnership with other non-profit organizations, we provide basic necessities and life-sustaining services to the poor including food distribution, primary medical care and wheel chair distribution. Economic Development: In alliance with local governments and existing businesses, we help facilitate secure jobs and income stability through job creating, micro loans and business start-ups.

Educational Opportunities

By providing English education, child care and adolescentdevelopment programs within a loving and nurturing environment, the youth are prepared forsuccessful entrance into adult maturity and success.

Cultural Exchange: By providing hands on experiential exposure to Middle Eastern culture viashort term trips, tours, volunteer opportunities and community projects participants gain grassroots understanding regarding the complexities and similarities within the Middle East culturesand histories. This initiative leads to better and clearer understanding of the Middle East environment and complexities, creating ambassadors of truth within the homeland countries.

Mission Statement

Founded in 2008, Seeds of Hope works with local citizens and charities to make a difference in the lives of children and families throughout the Middle East. Our long term desire is to bring positive change to impoverished communities through education, economic development, cultural exchange, and humanitarian aid.

Strategy and Outcomes

Seeds of Hope partners with other strategic organizations and people with a passion to instill hope in hurting people and communities of the Middle East. Improving the economic conditions of impoverished people, bridging cultural commonalities through caring relationships, generating trust one person at a time, and breaking down generational divides are some of the strategic initiatives of Seeds of Hope. Our charter is to provide mechanisms that replace Middle East cycles of violence, poverty, and despair with peace, economic sustainability and hope.

Parent’s Day is here!!!!

It was an exciting day for SOH- Jacob’s Ladder Preschool as the new students and their parents came to see the great things happening in their school. The kids played on the toys and enjoyed the play areas as their parents familiarized themselves with the new location and the new look. The coming school year will be an exciting time for Seeds of Hope. The school in Jerusalem and our new team mates at SOH-Jacob’s Ladder Preschool have begun the fulfillment of the vision that Seeds of Hope would bridge the gap in Israel to bring a glimpse of hope for peace through cultural understanding beginning at the early ages of life when little minds are open to a world of possibilities.

Little Hearts Daycare/Seeds of Hope

Educating Israeli, Arab and Gentile children together, whether Jewish, Muslim, Christian or non-religious is a worthwhile project. Here they learn to accept one another, get-a-long and love one another and the parents are learning from their children.