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Steve’s Story of Suffering and Success

Pastor Steven is one of the most passionate, God fearing man that I have had the privilege to know. He has truly lived what it means to fully rely on God. One of my first encounters with Pastor Steven was during an underground meeting with 21 church leaders at his house. When asked if he was concerned about being caught he smiled, and with a twinkle in his eye said that God faithfulness is so great that he is always ever searched after the church planters leave.

Steven was born in 1945, the son of a Bible School professor and the President of South Vietnam Evangelical Church. He was impacted with the Holy Spirit when he was 16 and since then had a desire to become a pastor. He later completed his Bible school training and was the director for Every Home Crusade in Vietnam. During the Vietnam War he was a Lieutenant for the South Vietnamese Army and also an assistant director of the World Vision’s Military Ministry.

In 1975 he was given air tickets to escape to the U.S, but he felt the LORD had called him to stay and share the Gospel with the North Vietnamese. Thus began his ministry in the underground church.

He was soon imprisoned for his work with the underground church. He was arrested for illegally sharing the gospel, printed and distributing hymnals, tracts and Sunday School material. He faced incredible hardships in his four year imprisonment, but it was in this time that God burned in him an intense burden for the lost souls of Vietnam. His purpose was to reach the unreached. Despite being caught and punished on many occasions by the jailers, he refused to stop sharing his faith with his fellow prisoners. Many were impacted by the Love of Jesus Christ in those prison walls and many today are being impacted by the Love of Christ through Steven.
One pastor said that “before 1975 Christians were only allowed to preach in prisons on Tuesdays, but now there are brothers witnessing seven days a week”.
Steven is a major beach-head for the underground church in Vietnam today. He is the founder and director of the Vietnam Good News Mission. He trains and equips pastors and church planters and has launched movements of church planters in both North and South Vietnam. These church planters spend two to three years in an area. When the church grows to about 60 members they either train a new pastor and move on, or become the permanent pastor. As result Pastor Steven is directly connected with over 1000 churches. He also records sermons in a recording studio built into his house. These sermons are used by the church planters to encourage new believers and witness to unbelievers. They are also translated into the rural dialects by a group of believers that work out of his house.
In the countryside Christian broadcasts have lead to many new believers, but there were very few pastors for these new believers. Steven felt God lead him to focus on training new pastors for these rural villages. The result has been the Gospel spreading like wildfire. There have been many new H’mong and Dao churches formed, but with this increase there has also been an increase in persecution.

Steven is a friend of the persecuted church. He has spent over seven years in jail as a direct result of his underground ministry. Yet still he works tirelessly to help encourage and organize the persecuted church. The result has been a strengthening of the Church body and discipleship of 1,000 churches in these rural ethnic groups.

God has also moved his heart for the children of Vietnam. His staff writes and prints children’s Sunday School literature and Vacation Bibles School material out of his house. This year alone about 33,000 children were impacted by these Vacation Bible Schools.

Steven knows what it is means to count the costs of following Christ. He has picked up his cross and has faithfully served God, and God has blessed the work of his hands. Steven ardently pursues Christ and has an intense passion to make him known, both in the harvest field of Vietnam and worldwide.

On November 13th at 6:30pm Steve will share his story in person at Surrey Pentecostal Assembly, 16870 – 80th Avenue, Surrey, BC V4N5A1. Call 604-836-4546 Mel Wiebe