Hello! My name is Madai. I am a Cuban living in Abbostford, BC. Most of my family in Cuba are Christians. My grandpa Andres is a retired Pastor, and my mom Mabel is the president of Compassion Ministries of  the Nazarene Church in Cuba. I would like to share with you, some of what God is doing in Cuba and would love for you to share the news with others.

 In mid-June, there was a 3 day Evangelistic/Compassion Campaign in the Eastern provinces, where my mom and 7 Nazarene evangelists visited 8 places in the Eastern province of Holguin. There 300 people were visited at their homes, heard from God’s word, were invited to the services and received donations from churches in Havana. Many of these homes were of believers living with unbelievers, people who had wondered away from the faith and also sick people including both Christians and non-Christians. In the evening services, God glorified His name greatly by healing many in wonderful ways. As a result, there were 205 people that gave their hearts to Jesus and 72 people that had wondered from the faith, but came back to God’s ways (like the prodigal son). God has done, is doing and will continue to do many wonders in my country!!! Praised be the Lord!!!

God bless you as you continue to serve Him,


Other Stories

After many years of resistance and opposition to the church in Cuba from the communist authorities, a Pastor in Pinar, was asked from the communistic authorities, “can you please plant a church in a certain area in town? We have a growing problem of crime, violence, drugs, etc. and we find it harder and harder to even send in the police. But we have realized that everywhere you have planted house churches in this town, the situation has calmed down and delinquency has dropped.” Of course this pastor was more than happy to launch a church planting initiative to serve this community and walk through the wide open door invited by a government which does not believe in Christ . . .

My name is I____, for many years I was a high ranking communist party official and did everything I could to stop the church from expanding. Our aim was to eliminate the Christians and destroy Bibles. As I was exposed more and more to these Christian people, something attracted me to them. As a part of my duties I attended services, prayer meetings and house group gatherings. Slowly I began to desire what these Christians had. I eventually asked about being a follower of Jesus and I did become a Disciple of Christ. I then resigned from my job and handed in my communist party membership and asked to be trained to be a Christian Leader. For the first 10 years after my conversion, I had to flee from my home district because of the opposition I faced. So, while I was in other parts of the country, I was being trained to be a Disciple of Christ and to be a leader in the Church I once opposed. I have now planted 11 churches and I am now back in my home district and God is helping me to plant a new church right in my home area. I praise God for His strength, wisdom and grace . . .

On a recent trip to Cuba, I visited a large church in Havana, Cuba. This church had over 800 people in attendance on Sunday morning and had over 200 other places where the church met during the week and on Sundays. After the 3 hour service a high ranking communist party member identified himself and said, “I have been attending this church now for many months as part of my job as a spy. I so enjoy coming here and feel something special every time I come. Today, I am one step closer to becoming a follower of Jesus, keep praying for me please.”

Editor’s note: The church in Cuba, under a communist government that has out lawed Christianity, has grown to 10 – 12% of the population. There are now more born again Christians in Cuba than there are communist party members.